Friday, March 07, 2014

The Demise of UFO Magazine

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UFO Magazine

By Kevin Randle
A Different Perspective

      Today, while searching for information about something else, I saw that there was an Internet listing that suggested there was an “Important Message from UFO Magazine.” Having contributed to it frequently, and because I know those who have been involved with it in the past including Don and Vicki Ecker, I clicked on the link. I mean, the magazine hadn’t been around for a while and I wondered what was going on. What I found was this:
The owner of UFO Magazine, Inc. has officially noticed [sic] that he is putting UFO Magazine, Inc. up for sale. We do not know If [sic] there is currently a buyer, or who the buyer is, or when the sale will be effectuated.

However, in anticipated of that proposed sale, the owner UFO Magazine, Inc. has directed us to terminate all publication of UFO Magazine including, but not limited to, the fulfillment of any subscriptions. Because we are precluded from any future publication specifically containing the trademark of UFO Magazine, Inc., you should direct all inquiries regarding UFO Magazine to:

UFO Magazine, Inc.
5455 Centinela Avenue
Los Angeles, CA. 90066.
This website contained a number of comments about this, though many of them have no relevance to the discussion at hand. Bill Birnes explained some of the back story to the acquisition of the magazine and how he became involved with Philip Corso and UFOs. It was that association with Corso that eventually lead to Birnes’ association with UFO Magazine.

Also in the comments section, Birnes wrote, “Because, as a result of our license revocation, we will be precluded from publishing any new issues of UFO Magazine…” He then outlined the options available to subscribers to satisfy them about the unfulfilled part of their subscriptions.

This is just another example of a publication founded prior to the Internet to find itself in financial difficulty. In the case of UFOs, I wonder if blogs like this one, and websites such as UFO Chronicles (though I’m not suggesting any wrongdoing or blame here), haven’t contributed to the problem. Why buy a magazine when there is so much UFO content on the web for free? I charge nothing for those who wish to read what I have to say here and Frank Warren of UFO Chronicles makes his content free as well. I could name a dozen, two dozen or more blogs and web sites that provide a wide range of UFO information from the ridiculous to the credulous to the hostile to the well-researched and thought out.

The point here is not the diversity of writers, opinions, information or content but that it is free for those interested. Why buy a magazine when you can read it all on the Internet? It isn’t just the UFO magazines that find this, but a wide range of publications. It seems unless it is related to celebrity gossip, tattooing, guns or cars and motorcycles, no one is buying magazines.

So UFO Magazine is gone the way of so much else these days. Say what you will about it, the magazine did supply a wide range of opinion and content. We now have one less source of information.


  1. crackpot ufologists have never shown ANY real proof that there are bug-eyed Ets flying around the earth but those BELIEVERS just can't see the trees for the forest of crackpot foggers. Like crackpot religious beliefs ie Mormons Joseph Smith BS there are foolsa that BE$LIEVE anything without any justification evidence or prrof the can stand any inspection. I am happy this rag is gone and I hope mopre UFO crackpots go with it into outerspace

  2. above is a typical naive sheep like opinion, there is so much evidence in testimonies from whistleblowers of high ranking ex military positions, from around the world,, the citizens hearing, info from Russian and Canadian government officials, astronauts, etc.etc. some people can't see the wood for the trees, and still be asleep if an E.T. jumped up and bit them on the nose ! the public have a right to disclosure, it's in the public interest.

  3. Guys, I know some of you are making a living pushing the UFO and alien agenda, but the Truth really is out there and it's not the horse your betting on. UFOs yes, aliens no, not in the way you think. I know why they haven't landed or made contact in any national capital in the world. And it's not the reasons scientists and UFO hunters believe. They can't, at least not yet, but they will soon. If you want to know the facts, send me an email.


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