Saturday, March 15, 2014

Mainstream Media, Misinformation & The Infamous Flare Videos | 17th Anniversary of The Phoenix Lights

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F-16 Dropping Illumination Flares

The Phoenix Lights: The mystery remains

By Scott Davis

Editor's Note: March 13th, 1997 marked the 17th anniversary of what has been erroneously labeled, “The Phoenix Lights.” The misleading title pales in comparison to the ongoing misinformation and subterfuge being doled out by the mainstream media to this day.

Beginning the next day (March 14, 1997) local news stations aired interviews with UFO witnesses of the eight o’clock hour, all the while interlacing the flare-drop videos during the respective segments. Given that the story had just broke and information was pouring in, the obfuscation then was understandable; however, post-investigation(s), which included scientific analysis (on more then one occasion), along with an official admission from Capt. Drew Sullins, of the Maryland Air National Guard (MANG) and some of his crew who participated in the flare-drop, to continue to publish this erroneous information (as seen below) is simply beyond contempt and egregious example of sloppy journalism–FW

PHOENIX (CBS5) - It is the most famous so-called UFO sighting in the world. "The Phoenix Lights" captured the world's attention 17 years ago on March 13, 1997.

Every year new witnesses come forward to tell the story they kept to themselves all those years. One man who still wants to remain anonymous told CBS 5 News he was working on his roof air conditioner around 8 p.m. that evening when he saw it. He said he never told anyone outside his family until this year. . . .


  1. You lost all credibility when you atated that the aircraft in the above photo is an F16 when in fact that is and F18

  2. The aircraft dropping flares in the above picture is the F-14 not the F-16. You run a ufo website and cant even identify our own aircraft?

  3. Sorry for the run-on sentences but I saw the weirdest thing in the sky around 2:20am (march 16, 2014)! I was outside and looked up and a burning light that looked like an orange fireball was glowing through the sky at a fast pace and then it hovered over my house, stopped, went back a bit, went forward a bit, then went up higher and higher and got darker and darker, then the light appeared to be gone but I could still see something there, way up in the sky, and then it went toward the northwest at a much faster pace than before and traveled across the sky till I couldn't see it anymore cuz of the distance.
    This thing was pretty huge for me to see it that clearly fly across the sky after it wasn't illuminated anymore. To me it looked black and long, maybe cylinder or diamond shaped but hard to tell since it was so dark in the sky after the light disappeared. my stupid phone is so cheap I couldn't get any good shots of it.
    I realized later that it was flying in virtually the same path the military jets take when they fly over our house. I'm in NW Fresno, CA and the jets usually come from the east and fly northwest. This was unlike anything I've ever seen, but I've read about a few sitings now on the internet that mention this type of thing. Did anyone else see it?


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