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UFO Sightings in Fyffe, Alabama Make National Headlines | 25th Anniversary

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UFO Sightings in Fyffe, Alabama Make National Headlines

By Kelly Kazek

“FYFFE, Alabama – The prospect of seeing a UFO lured more than 4,000 people to this town of 1,300 in northeast Alabama Friday night, but for all the hoopla no unidentified flying objects were sighted. Visibility was difficult because of clouds and light rain. Fyffe got on the UFO circuit Feb. 10, when a woman reported seeing a strange light in the sky and the police later reported seeing a large lighted object passing silently over them. Numerous other sightings have been reported since then.” – New York Times, March 6, 1989
     Twenty-five years ago last week, the tiny DeKalb County town of Fyffe, Ala., became the center of national attention.

On Friday, Feb. 11, 1989, the first call was made to the Fyffe Police Department. A woman reported seeing a strange object in the sky. By the end of Feb. 12, more than 50 residents had reported seeing the strange objects, including the town’s police chief and his assistant.

The object was described by a witness as hovering “at an angle from 1 o’clock to 7 o'clock with bright lights at the top and bottom. The curvature was outlined in green with "a real bright light in the center.”

Fyffe Police Chief Charles “Junior” Garmany and Assistant Police Chief Fred Works responded to the initial call and soon saw something in the sky.

Garmany and Works were driving along DeKalb County Road 43 but stopped and stepped out of the car when they saw an object in the sky that was “bigger than a jumbo jet” and silent. They described it as metallic and triangular shaped. . . .

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