Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Wither [UFO] Iconoclast(s)? 2006-2014 RIP

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Wither [UFO] Iconoclast(s)? 2006-2014 RIP

By Chris Savia

     The UFO Iconoclast(s) began April 2006, beginning with scrutiny of Lonnie Zamora’s encounter at Socorro, unique UFO theories challenging the status quo of UFOlogy, religious aspects of the phenomenon. All the while slaughtering our sacred cows and provoking spirited discussion in the comments. . . .

. . . I found the Iconoclasts to be one of the more intelligent blogs contemplating flying saucers. As Rich made cogent points about the subject matter, he was usually vicious when it came to the community. If one could get past the unmitigated nastiness, there was a kernel of truth giving pause for reflection on the direction being taken in our field. . . .

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