Friday, January 03, 2014

UFO Reports/Sightings Expand To Oregon | VIDEO

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UFO Sightings Expand To Oregon

Sightings across California, Oregon and High Desert ring in 2014

By Kandra Kent

BEND, Ore. - Millions greeted the New Year with the usual: Fireworks.

Others say they saw something very unusual.

"It would stop, and hover, and be all shimmery like a forest-fire color," Bend resident Pam Stewart recalled Thursday.

Stewart said she saw something on New Year's Eve that she'd never seen before.

She describes a floating, zipping and flashing light she saw outside her home, off in the distance -- a flying object she said couldn't be a lantern or fireworks.

"It was moving horizontal, and then it would just be off," Stewart said. "I was amazed."

. . . in Oregon, Eric Whitford took a photo from his Medford home and shared it with NewsChannel 21 on Facebook.

It shows a bright, shiny and round object in the sky.

"No this is not fireworks," he wrote on his Facebook post. "This object came in from the left of us and then just stopped, another appeared and both disappeared.
This was really amazing to watch." . . .


  1. I saw the same thing and captured video and pictures. There was no sound to the object but I didn't think it looked that large- but since it was in the sky that might be deceptive. I'm in Portland, Oregon - St. John's.

  2. even if the air force did see something on radar ,you really think they are going to admit it????

  3. I was living in NE Bend at the time not far from the butte. It was the Forth of July, we were watching the fireworks when I noticed an orange glowing, quite large orb of light to the left of us moving slowly no sound moving south east until it was gone. Thought it was unusual.


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