Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Ringo Starr Talks, Aliens, UFOs, Dimensions & Time Travel | VIDEO

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Ringo Starr

By Late Night Line-up

"UFO (sightings) which they keep trying to squash. I mean-- how many sightings there are, all those people can't be wrong, you know."

Q: "Is your interest in science fiction tied up in any way with what you feel about religion?"

RINGO: "Yes in a way, because I really can't believe that this is the only planet with anything going on. Because there's like-- the law of averages-- If there's fifty billion planets in the solar system, I don't know how many there are, but that's only in OUR solar system. And then there's like millions of other solar systems. So if you just take the ratio of-- in our system of five planets, there's the earth where there's something living for definite, because we're all here. So if you sort of do that, on average, there's gotta be somebody else out there, you know."

"I mean, George has a great scene where-- like, Mars where we say there's no one on it. But that's like, there is someone on it, because it's just in another sort of time dimension which we can't see. Also, like earth, you know-- There's another race going on as well for which the time is just slightly different. So everything is like sort of, you know, one thing. But the times are like that! (gestures to demonstrate with his hands.) So there could be like a hundred races living on just this planet... which is fantastic. And I really think it could be like that 'cuz we really don't know much about time in respect to it being different from OUR time. (laughs) I don't mean one o'clock, two o'clock."

Q: "No."

RINGO: "I just mean like time spent and the fourth dimension. I mean, we know there's three dimensions, and there's theories about a fourth dimension, but there could be fifty dimensions. And just-- we're not bright enough to catch 'em all. In America, there's a guy (in the news) who's building a time spaceship. You just get in it and you press a button, and you open the door. And you're somewhere else but purely in time. And this guy's building it purely on instructions from another planet. You know, and all the weird stories about spaceships landing all the time. UFO (sightings) which they keep trying to squash. I mean-- how many sightings there are, all those people can't be wrong, you know. I just wonder why the government is trying to squash that all the while-- which is nothing to do with what we were talking about-- but I just wonder what the governments are doing."

Q: "Do you believe in this particular time machine, or are you merely saying that this...?"

RINGO: "Yeah I believe it could happen, you know. I really think it's possible."

* Special Thanks To Grant Cameron

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