Thursday, January 23, 2014

Massive Airship Test May Spur UFO Reports | VIDEO

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Massive Airship Test May Spur UFO Reports

Alejandro Rojas By Alejandro Rojas

     A massive airship prototype is about to begin testing in California, and one of the engineers who designed it thinks it is going to look so shocking that it may spur UFO reports.

The craft is a massive silver blimp-like airship made out of aluminum and carbon fiber. It is 36,000 pounds, and as big as it is, the prototype is a smaller version of the final vehicles. It is designed to carry large amounts of cargo to areas that do not have landing strips.

The huge airship is being built by Worldwide Aeros Corp. based out of Montebello, California. It was commissioned by NASA and the Pentagon, and will be used for military and humanitarian operations. The first test flights will be in the next couple of months.
Kenny says, “I’m sure people are going to be like, ‘Oh, there’s a UFO flying around.’”


  1. What a bummer. Life goes on, at least some of us have been warned. LOL

    October 2, 2014, Thursday, around 9 p.m. a large red light hovered in the night sky of Garden Grove - Tustin - California, occasionally drifting northwest and southeast, but not by much. It remained about an hour. It had a small, white twinkling light on top of it and when the red light seemed to turn around, it seemed its other side was gray. It was long and huge. A few times, tiny white lights seemed to approach it and disappear. When that happened, the red light glowed brighter. To its right, south, but farther away, and at separate intervals, two brilliant, large, white lights rose upward from the horizon, reduced their size, then vanished.
    October 3, 2014, Friday around 9:30 p.m., we were on the 22 freeway heading east in Garden Grove, when we saw in the same location as last night a huge, oblong blue light with red on the bottom, (Also lights), hovering just like the one the night before. Because I was driving, I forgot to pull over and film it.
    I am guessing that maybe these two objects might be airship described in this article,


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