Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Mars 'Mystery Rock' Has Tongues Wagging

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Mars 'Mystery Rock' Has Tongues Wagging

By www.news.com.au

     SILICON-based alien life form? Projectile hurled by little-green men? What's the fuss? A shiny rock has mysteriously materialised alongside the Mars Opportunity rover.

Admittedly, the rover has just woken up after hibernating through the Martian winter since November.

When scientists compared before-and-after photos of the ground immediately around the robotic explorer, something was out of place.

A stone.

Not just any stone, it would seem.

It's been given the grand name "Pinnacle Island".

It has caused something of a stir among online communities.


  1. Yes, It could be a creature based on silicon, rather than on carbon...A "rock eating" life form...It's "time scale" could be slower than ours (as occurs with plants)...

  2. This is just another piece of surface matter from earth from a giant meteor blast-like the gulf of mexico chicxulub blast--etc, that's where the water came from also--this is a huge waste of time and money---probably a racketeering scheme.


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