Friday, January 31, 2014

Bizarre UFO Spotted On Mars MARS | VIDEO

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UFO On Mars

By Chris Richards

    A UFO has been caught on camera - by a robot on MARS.

The bizarre celestial object, which looks like a spacecraft complete with vapour trail, was photographed by an unmanned NASA rover at work on the surface of the Red Planet.

The weird shape can be seen in a video uploaded to YouTube by Ufologist Streetcap1 under the heading Mars ufo?

Some internet users offered potential explanations for the UFO. . . .


  1. Loved this one. Yes, Nasa knows.

  2. Yeah. It's a comet they say. The trouble is, this thing seems to have more rocket exhaust nozzles that an Earth-to-Mars rocket we've put up.
    But why are we allowed to see this from NASA? Maybe somebody else is slipping extra shots up there in the dark? Now, why would they do that? Unless there are things about Mars that both sides know that we don't. Mars gets curiouser and curiouser not to mention the on-going old side show of slowly dragging out the truth about Mars harbors.

    Remember the old days when it didn't have a shred of atmosphere it was thought and only a smattering of carbon dioxide at its poles and water was unthinkable (scientifically) though the obvious proof was visible to us all? Is it any wonder that UFO-like objects are seen there also? Why not?

  3. Those are the remains of comet ISON approaching MARS!


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