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Top Ten UFO Sightings in Manchester | PHOTOs

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Top Ten UFO Sightings in Manchester

By Emma Flanagan
Manchester Evening News

Regular UFO sightings have been reported all over Manchester for years, many of which have been acknowledged by the Ministry of Defence.

      A catalogue of close encounters and alien spacecraft sightings across the country were released earlier this year revealing a huge number of reported sightings over Greater Manchester. Sites include Bolton, Radcliffe and Trafford.

Here are the top ten sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects seen over Greater Manchester:
1. In 2005 Peter Sotomski and four of his colleagues spotted the unusual object at 10am on July 10 2005. Above them, on Half Edge Lane, Eccles, they saw the object travel across the sky at great speed, followed five minutes later by another extra-terrestrial entity.

2. In August of this year a YouTube video was posted of a yellow orb-like shape hovering over Manchester. Since the video was posted there have been reports of similar sightings including Birmingham and France.

3. When the Ministry of Defence released their records on reported UFO sightings The latest had been over Radcliffe and then Manchester city centre in July 2004.

4. Shaun Ryder claims to have had two UFO sightings when he was growing up in Salford which inspired him to pen a book on the phenomenon. What Planet Am I On? was released earlier this year. . . .

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