Sunday, December 22, 2013

Former News Reporters Recall Their Encounter with an Enormous UFO | VIDEO

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Former News Reporters Recall Their Encounter with an Enormous UFO | VIDEO


     Long time viewers of channel 5 know name Steve Sprasia, he was a reporter for Newscenter 5 for 16 years until me moved to North Carolina. Before that he was a local radio reporter, that's when he became part of the story of the Bridgewater Triangle.

The spring of 1979 proved to be the most active period of documented UFO sightings in the history of the Bridgewater Triangle region. A number of news outlets and law enforcement agencies were flooded with reports of large, low flying UFOs. During that time, former WHDH reporters Jerry Lopes and Steve Sprasia claim to have witnessed what is arguably the most famous UFO sighting to occur within the Bridgewater Triangle.

“Jerry and I worked at WHDL Radio and we were heading to the Raynham dog track and we got onto 106, I noticed a really bright light over the tree line, and the light was coming closer and closer and getting bigger and bigger, and I remember saying to Jerry, what is that over there? So we pulled his vehicle over and all a sudden the stars blotted out in the shape of an arrow as this thing passed overhead.

Ironically, being a baseball fan, it looked like a baseball home plate and there were a series of lights on it. It was very, very wide, perhaps the width of now we'd say five, 747's wing to wing. It looked like it had a cord or something hanging off of it and sparks were coming off of it. I almost felt like I could throw a rock at the thing, it seemed that close to me. This was pretty much the shape of and it this thing passed overhead, like this.

For me, what first attracted me was this—this light that kind of came into our field of vision, just like that, and as this thing passed overhead it just kept coming and coming and coming, and the light kept getting bigger and bigger. I’m an air force veteran, I’ve been in the air force for four and a half years, I’ve been around a number of different planes, and I said to Steve, that's not one much ours, and it just hovered there for a minute, looked like it was over a field, next thing you know it just took off. We continued off to the dog track and most of the conversation that evening was, what did we see?

Up to that point, I had been 100% skeptic, I thought anybody who ever saw these things, they were either crazy or publicity hounds, or there was just something wrong with them in their head altogether. What I didn't realize at the time was that a lot more people had seen it than just Jerry and I.

Interestingly over the course of the next week, there were a series of spottings, different sightings. It was reported in the papers, on the radio station, and at that point Steve and I decided to come forward and say, you know, hey, we actually saw something.

A couple days later, an article appears in the Brockton enterprise, and not only does it have interviews with Jerry and I, but quite a number of other folks in and around the Randolph area who had seen it, but they had the staff artists take all of our recollections and put together a drawing, an artists rendition, which looked pretty much like this.” . . .

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