Friday, December 13, 2013

8 People Who Make A Strong Case For Aliens | VIDEO

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8 People Who Make A Strong Case For Aliens

Editor's Note: CNN in association with Buzzfeed compiled 8 snippets of video interviews with some very well known and significant names of professionals who “make a strong case for aliens.”

Appearances are made by the following:
•Derrick Pitts (Astronomer)

•Fife Symington (Former Governor of Arizona)

•General Parviz Jafari (Iranian Air Force Pilot [Ret])

•Guy Hottle (Former FBI Agent)

•Steve Gorvan (NASA Engineer)

•Michio Kaku (Theoretical Physicist)

•Leslie Kean (Author/Investigative Journalist)

•Dan Aykroyd (Actor/Comedian)
In the Kaku segment, he comments:
"Tonight, when you look at the night sky, realize that somebody could be looking back at you."

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  1. lol I love the last guy, Dan Aykroyd's explanation for the cliche debunker question 'why don't they land on the Whitehouse lawn?"---for a start many debunkers I have met via discussion have blinkers on, don't absorb what is being said, and go round in circles. I mean wasn't there a dramatic film of UFOs flying over the Whitehouse? Oh, but that is forgotten conveninetly by them. I see patterns, and a pattern I see is that debunkers cling to authoritarianism , and offical narratives, so usually those who will argue till they are blue in the face that UFOs are Venus or Chinese lanterns or hallucinations they will do the same that 9/11 was just how officialdom tells it, and that Hiroshima was for the 'good of America' bla bla. they are incredibly naive. I would make effort to try and get through to them in the past but not now, if I can help it. Head---brickwall!!


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