Sunday, November 10, 2013

"UFO Records ... Recognised by Britain’s Ministry of Defence as Being ‘Historically Significant'"

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UFO files – saved!

David Clarke By Dr. David Clarke

     After six decades of official indifference UFO records have been finally recognised by Britain’s Ministry of Defence as being ‘historically significant’.

MoD’s ‘Guidance for Record Reviewers’, lists files on ‘unidentified flying objects‘ alongside those concerning nuclear testing, Special Forces and the Royal Family as being subject to special review procedures.

The document – obtained via a Freedom of Information request – was prepared by the Departmental Records Officer (DRO) in 2011, two years before MoD completed a ‘special project’ that transferred all surviving files to The National Archives at Kew.

After the closure of the UFO desk in 2009, anyone who contacts MoD to report a ‘sighting’ today is sent a standard letter. But n no further records are kept on file, allowing the ministry to avoid dealing with future FOI requests on the subject.

But the formal addition of UFOs to the department’s retention schedule in 2011 came too late to save earlier records from the 1950s and ’60s that were destroyed long before the MoD’s records retention system became accountable to the public. . . .

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