Saturday, November 16, 2013

UFO Expert Writes Latest Haynes Manual

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Nigel Watson

By Plymouth Herald

     GET ready for a close encounter of the publishing kind: the latest Haynes manual is about UFOs.

The truth is out there thanks to Plympton author Nigel Watson.

The series better known for exploded diagrams of 1970s Alfa Romeos examines what might be the preferred transport of visitors from Alpha Centauri.

Sadly the new volume doesn’t explain how to fix an oil leak in the warp drive of an intergalactic cruiser.

Rather, Nigel examines 121 years of evidence in his UFO Investigations Manual “a comprehensive examination of UFO research and investigations – including government reports – that have attempted to solve this enduring mystery”.

“I was hoping they’d have a cut-away of a UFO on the front cover,” says Nigel, mixing humour and regret.

A blurry photo of a “flying saucer” gets pride of place instead.

Nigel, 59, is an expert in the history of UFOs. His previous books include Portraits Of Alien Encounters (1990). . . .

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