Friday, November 08, 2013

Travis Walton Shares New Theory His Alien Abduction | VIDEO

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     Recently Travis Walton, whose alleged alien abduction was portrayed in the movie Fire in the Sky, revealed a new theory on why his abduction happened. Walton sat down with Open Minds and gave this compelling follow-up interview.


  1. In 1980, I published an article on Walton's case in a short-lived UFO magazine entitled "Beyond Reality," issue winter 19080 No.5, page 22-25. I also sent a carbon copy of that article to Walton before the article appeared in the magazine.

    My analysis of that story was what Walton has been saying for the last few years, that he was rescued by the UFO folk because he put himself in danger by getting underneath the ship and it was not a typical abduction.

    I, myself, was abducted in the typical way in 1964 and thus, found his case extremely interesting and a puzzle. He never responded to my mailing him the copy. But I've never wavered in my belief I had explained his experience.

    His case is important to the whole sage of the UFO situation because it shows that some ETs, at least the little greys that do the abductions, are not entirely merciless in their actions.

    Harv Howard

  2. Good Day Harv,

    Thanks for taking time to chime in.

    We'd love to see your original article . . . if you'd like to share please submit it via the "Share Your UFO Experience" link (above).


    1. Thanks, Frank for the quick reply. Since the original MS is a carbon copy, I'll have to recopy to computer. If Walton wants the original magazine w/article, He can have it.


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