Tuesday, November 05, 2013

"The Point Man on UFOs and WMD, Out of The Closet" ... and Into The Fire

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Alien Abduction

Out of the closet, into the fire

By Billy Cox
De Void

     For more than six years, De Void has tended to avoid the whole alien abduction thing because, well, radar tracks, multiple eyewitnesses, detectable electromagnetic effects and videos are one thing. Nasal probes, mindscans, teleportation, hybrids — that’s an entirely different conversation. Although, if UFOs are truly the manifestation of the technology they appear to be, running circles around our most advanced weapons systems, then it stands to reason that literally anything is possible. But if that’s true, if Zeta Reticulans or whatever can move like vapors into our bedrooms, then we’re all screwed, and De Void’s not into that. Furthermore, try to goad the mainstream media into getting a grip on the idea of beaming humans aboard starships seriously; hell, De Void can’t even get Texas public radio reporter Wade Goodwyn to examine ordinary FAA/National Weather Service records that painted a UFO incident he covered in his own back yard.

Retired Air Force captain Robert Salas has spoken publicly on several occasions about UFOs scanning U.S. ICBMs, but he never talked about his abduction experience until now.
But, deep breath, here we go: Recently, retired Air Force captain Bob Salas went public with his own abduction experience. And there’s no getting around it because Salas was one of the first military veterans to go on record about UFOs tampering with and disabling U.S. nuclear missile systems. His example emboldened dozens of other USAF veterans to step up and share their stories about high strangeness in the missile fields. Salas took a no-nonsense stance and wasn’t afraid to call people out if he thought they were being dingbats. He spent years crafting a rep as a fully grounded left-brain type.

Now this -- an abduction in 1985 in Huntington Beach, Calif. You can read all about at the Open Minds site. The salient passage (cringe): “He floated off the bed towards the locked bedroom window, which he felt certain they [the aliens, presumably] would be unable to lock. Nevertheless, he went through the window in an upright position and was taken aboard a craft. He was shown a needle, eight to twelve inches in length, which was inserted into one of his testicles in order to collect semen.” Oy vey! “The pain was excruciating, and when Salas complained to his abductors, the pain suddenly ceased. This was followed by a physical checkup in which his back seemed to be of primary interest. He next remembers moving through a curved hallway and seeing a bright light before suddenly finding himself back in his bed.”

As abduction accounts go, this one’s pretty routine. Salas states he never forgot the incident after it occurred, but he didn’t recover the details until undergoing hypnotic regression in 2006. Only then did he begin discussing it with his wife Marilyn who, even today, recalls only the broader aspects.

“I don’t remember nearly as much as Bob does. I think I was being an ostrich about it, like, if I stuck my head in the sand it’d all go away,” Marilyn says from their home in Ojai, Calif. “I remember being on the side of the bed that faced the doorway, and when I opened my eyes, there was a foggy, bluish, gray light down the hallway that seemed to be coming from the living room area. That’s all I remember, but it was a freaky thing at the time and I shut my eyes, thinking ‘I don’t believe what I just saw.’ It was so strange I didn’t even mention it to Bob the next morning.” Nor did hubby say mention it to her.

Though they met in 1969, Marilyn says Bob didn’t even discuss the Minuteman missile shutdown at Malmstrom AFB, which happened just two years earlier, until the mid-1990s. Even then, it would be another decade before he started asking if she remembered a blue-light incident from Huntington Beach. Bob pressed the issue a lot farther than Marilyn did.

“Honestly, I don’t have any desire to know more than the blue light,” she says. “My concern, when Bob decided to discuss it openly, was how the general public was going to respond to it. But this is something Bob felt like he needed to do.”

Salas says he wanted to spill the beans as soon as he got sharper visuals through hypnosis. “Understandably," he says, "I wanted to fully establish my primary story before I talked about this. I did not factor my reputation into it — I’m not trying to make anyone’s life more difficult. But I feel a responsibility not only to myself but also to the hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of people, who’ve been abducted.”

So there it is — the point man on UFOs and WMD, out of the closet. Will it damage his credibility? No doubt. Salas is unconcerned. “I’ve already received some blowback, but so be it,” he says. “But they’re not just here to fly around in our airspace. Something else is going on. If they're taking eggs and they're taking semen, then they're producing hybrid beings. And it could be either horrifying or unifying, depending on how you want to look at it.”

De Void doesn't want to look at it at all. Nevertheless.

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