Saturday, November 02, 2013

Creepy [UFO] Confessions

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By Dave Olson

     Deputy Val Johnson is on patrol in the middle of the night.

The Minnesota highway is dark, except for a light that appears to float above the road about a mile away.

Curious, Johnson turns his cruiser toward the object.

Suddenly, impossibly, the light is upon him in a blinding flash.

Brakes slam and just before the deputy blacks out he hears the sound of breaking glass.

Fast forward 27 years to the Briese farm outside of Tappen, N.D.

Sixteen-year-old Evan Briese gets out of bed for a glass of water. Glancing out a window, he spots something moving near the family’s hog pen.

He arms himself with a rifle and goes to investigate.

Stepping into the corral, he’s startled by the sight of beings 8 to 9 feet tall doing something to one of the hogs.

The rifle fires and one of the giants lets out a shriek.

Before the boy can comprehend more, something throws him to the ground and he loses consciousness. . . .

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