Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Stanton Friedman and Travis Walton To Speak in Del Rio

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Stanton Friedman and Travis Walton To Speak in del Rio

By Noe Torres

    Stanton Friedman–He has testified before Congress and the United Nations on the subject of UFOs. He broke the story of the Roswell UFO crash. He worked on top secret government rocket projects. He personally investigated many of the world’s major UFO cases. He has appeared on virtually every important television documentary about UFOs since the 1980s. Nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman, the world’s top UFO speaker, will appear at the Del Rio UFO Festival on Saturday, January 25, 2014. Mr. Friedman has been investigating UFOs since the late 1950s and has lectured on the topic all over the world, including at over 600 colleges and universities. Currently residing in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, this will be Mr. Friedman’s first-ever appearance in Del Rio.

Travis Walton–His story is the world’s best-documented alien abduction event. On November 5, 1975, in plain sight of six other men, Mr. Walton was blasted by a beam of blue-green light that emanated from a large UFO that hovered directly overhead. He then disappeared for five days. A lie detector test of Walton’s companions established that they had indeed seen a UFO prior to Walton’s disappearance. Suspecting foul play, police conducted a massive manhunt in the woods where Walton vanished but failed to locate his body. Five days later, Mr. Walton suddenly re-appeared, telling an amazing tale of having been taken aboard a UFO, where he saw extraterrestrial beings. His story became the basis for the successful Hollywood movie Fire in the Sky, released by Paramount Studios in 1993. The movie will be shown in its entirety at the Del Rio UFO Festival, beginning at 4 p.m. Afterward, Mr. Walton will present the keynote lecture at 7 p.m. This will be his first appearance in Del Rio. Click below to watch a trailer of the movie Fire in the Sky:

In addition to the UFO lectures, other festivities are planned in conjunction with the Del Rio UFO Festival. To participate in this event as a sponsor, exhibitor, vendor, or volunteer, please contact Donna Langford, director of the Del Rio Convention & Visitors Bureau, at 830-775-3551 or toll-free at 800-889-8149. We are currently looking for anyone interested in assisting with this important event. . . .

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