Saturday, October 12, 2013

Alien Abductee, Calvin Parker Breaks Silence – Gives Rare Interview | VIDEO

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Calvin Parker in AP Interview

Associated Press

      PASCAGOULA, Mississippi — Charles Hickson never regretted the notoriety that came his way after he told authorities he encountered an unidentified flying object and its occupants 40 years ago on the banks of the Pascagoula River. Until his death in 2011, Hickson told his story to anyone who would listen.

But Calvin Parker Jr., the other man present for one of the most high-profile UFO cases in American history, has never come to terms with what he still says was a visit with gray, crab-clawed creatures from somewhere else. He says the encounter on Oct. 11, 1973, turned his life upside down.

"This is something I really didn't want to happen," Parker told The Associated Press as the 40th anniversary of the encounter approached.

Alien Abductee, Calvin Parker Breaks Silence – Gives Rare Interview

Parker was unnerved by initial crush of unwelcome attention, with newsmen and UFO enthusiasts overrunning Walker Shipyard, where he and Hickson worked. He tried to dodge the spotlight for decades, moving frequently before returning to Mississippi's Gulf Coast in recent years.

The incident made headlines, sparked a wave of UFO sightings nationwide and became one of the most widely examined cases on record. Skeptics ranged from the deputies who first interviewed the men to an author who sought to poke holes in the story, and Parker himself has had conflicting thoughts about whether he was visited by aliens or demons. . . .

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  1. Anonymous11:50 AM

    This has always been one of the most fascinating UFO cases in US history. On par with Roswell in my opinion for whatever it's worth. I have listened to the actual recordings of Hickson and Parker taken by the sheriffs office and there is just no way anyone could fake the fear in these men's voices and actions. They were scared beyond what most folks could handle. Especially Calvin Parker. He was almost paralyzed with fear and paranoia. I don't know how this Phil Klass dude can justify his doubts of these men's encounter. He certainly wasn't there but I kind of wish he had been, as it would have gone a long way towards teaching him a lesson about logic and life in general. He probably would have lost his sanity. People like Mr. Klass are just that way. You could put an alien being right in front of him so he could touch it and he would somehow still not believe it was there right in front of him. I pity people like him. I really do. What Hickson and Parker went through shouldn't have to happen to anyone. But, it was a random abduction. They were at the right place at the right time or vice versa depending on how one looks at it. It's obvious that it has affected their whole lives forever. Good old Charlie is gone now but Calvin is still around and I doubt he'll ever be able to forget or put away in his mind the incident that happened to him and Charlie. I wish him the best and hope he can live the remainder of his life peacefully without the media constantly torturing him. If you ever get a chance, read the case files on this. It's amazing and you'll come away knowing these two men went through exactly what they said they did. And no, Calvin....they were not Demons. Demon's do not have high technology or the capability to speak to you telepathically. Nor would they have a 'spaceship'. Demon's are very low beings and not capable of much at all. They can only affect very weak or sick humans. What you encountered were real beings from another dimension or planet / planetary system. Case File: The Pascagoula Abduction / Incident


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