Thursday, September 12, 2013

UFO Sightings Up 22 Percent in 2013

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UFO Sightings Up 22 Percent in 2013

Dog Day UFOs

By Cheryl Costa

     There’s no denying it, 2013 has been a “hot year” for UFO sightings. Globally, the number of sightings is up 22 percent. Before 2012, worldwide sightings averaged about 4,500 a year. Last year’s sightings tallied nearly 8,000. At the end of August, planetary sightings have totaled 4,181 this year.

New York is maintaining its average of about 3.5 percent of the world’s UFO sightings. UFO reports for the Empire State in August topped 42, out of 153 this year.

Let’s review some upstate reports for August:
• 2 Aug.: A Liverpool resident sighted a glowing sphere about 5 degrees above the western horizon, a little after sunset. A family member was called and observed the same object, which did not move across the sky westward like a star.

• 3 Aug.: About sunset, a man in Voorheesville sighted a bright glowing orange ball coming towards his house. He beckoned to his wife and son to join him outside. The three watched in astonishment as the object flew silently over ahead, moving eastward.

• 6 Aug.: Late at night, a young man in Utica observed a very bright multicolored object, just above the horizon. He called to two friends to witness this phenomenon. He reports that the object was diving and swooping at tremendous speed, changing colors as it did.

•10 Aug.: In Alden, a man out walking his dog noticed moving toward him a bright pulsing red light in the southwest sky. . . .

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