Monday, September 23, 2013

Indiana Professor Ridicules UFO Witnesses & Self-Proclaimed Alien Abductees

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Professor Ridicules UFO WItnesses & Self-Proclaimed Alien Abductees

UFO Sightings Reignite Debate Over Whether Intelligent Life Exists in Indiana

By Laurence Brown

     SCOTTSBURG – Following a spate of UFO sightings across southern Indiana Wednesday, debate has intensified once more over whether or not intelligent life exists inside the Hoosier State.

Several disc-shaped crafts hovering over Scottsburg, Indiana were reported to local media yesterday, while as many as three Hoosiers claimed to have been kidnapped briefly by extraterrestrials.

According to psychologists at Indiana University, the claims appear to add weight to the argument that the state is devoid of any sort of sophisticated lifeforms.

“When you have almost two hundred people coming forward to report visions of flying saucers and advanced alien beings, eventually you start to sit up and take notice,” said Professor Melissa Short. “It’s a clear indication that the vast population of intelligent living organisms we once thought existed on the surface of present day Indiana may not exist after all.”

“The idea that Carl Sidcup – a mailman from Jeffersonville – could firmly believe he was abducted by alien lifeforms and subjected to horrible sexual scientific experiments leads you to draw only one conclusion: Mr Spock is truly alone in the universe.” . . .

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