Sunday, September 08, 2013

Is Comet ISON a UFO? Hubble's Scientists Do a Reality Check

Comet ISON Composite

By Alan Boyle
NBC News

     It's not at all certain that Comet ISON will turn out to be the "comet of the century," as hoped, but a couple of things are certain: It's not an alien spaceship, and it hasn't split up into three pieces.

Those were apparently questions on the minds of some folks last month, thanks to a flurry of videos and blog postings based on imagery from the Hubble Space Telescope's archives. The hoohah got hot enough to merit an official response, posted to the Space Telescope Science Institute's archive website and its ISON Blog.

It all started with a series of images captured by Hubble's Wide Field Camera 3 UVIS instrument on April 30. Various exposures were combined to produce a widely distributed color picture of Comet ISON against a background field of stars. When Internet sleuths took a close look at the archived image, it looked as if there were three separate objects hiding in the glare of ISON's coma.

Was ISON breaking up? Was the comet being escorted by two alien spacecraft? . . .

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  1. Mainstream "scientists" can always come up with some cockamamie twisted explanations to make sure that explanations always stay within bounds of their dogma. That's why i put the word "scientists" in quotation marks, because, in my opinion, they do not have truly open minds...just preconceived, set-in-cement notions on the way they *believe*, ie: have been taught, things should work - which makes them the "True Believers", BTW.

    For example, they still think that comets are "dirty snowballs". :))

    If the object known as comet ISON were to be an unknown, intelligently built object, they would never admit to it, preferring instead to burn anyone saying it was, at the steak as a heretic. It was thus hundreds of years ago in "science", and is thus today. Not much has changed in this regard.


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