Friday, August 02, 2013

U.S. UFO Intelligence Leaks? Tough Road for Government

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U.S. UFO Intelligence Leaks

By Roger Marsh
The Huffington Post

      U.S. intelligence leaks involving UFO activity seem to be a bit of a quandary for federal government agencies. How do you publicly admonish someone who is passing along information that the same government denies?

UFO-Nukes researcher and author Robert Hastings is putting the odd puzzle together, according to a July 30, 2013, press release issued from his website.

Hastings' research goes back to 1973 when he began interviewing former U.S. military personnel about UFO activity. In 1982 he went on the college circuit to reveal his findings. He now understands that the FBI had an interest in his research and possibly in the fact that he was disseminating that information around the country.

"In 2012," Roberts writes:
"veteran UFO researcher and Freedom of Information requestor Larry W. Bryant sent me a letter he had received from the FBI -- in response to a FOIA request on my behalf -- in which the bureau acknowledged that their records indicated the existence of files on my UFO-related activities. However, according to the letter, a search for those files was unsuccessful because they were supposedly 'missing'. Neither Bryant nor I believe that to be the case."
During the same time period in 1982, Roberts believes that his telephone calls to military veterans were tapped.

Two technicians who had private communications with Roberts by email or telephone were contacted by their superiors. . . .

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  1. I consider that the hard part will be explaining to a angry mainstream group of people who have been blind-sided and deliberately kept from knowing, understanding and benefiting from celestial worlds and their technology all around us … not only the knowing of celestial worlds from deep space but from the 4 upper interdimensional skyline levels of celestial/ufos hidden in the Earth’s 4 levels of Her ionosphere … and not failing to mention that celestial world hidden in overhead skies behind this illusion of a sky, a world where only a selected ‘very few’ from mainstream are ever told about ..with all these lies and cover-ups ahead of them … a tough road ahead for the government is an understatement ..


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