Friday, August 16, 2013

UFO Reports in Kentucky Were Triggered By Google's 'Project Loon' | VIDEO

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UFO Reports in Kentucky Were Triggered By Google's Project Loon - Oct 2012

Google claims responsibility for 2012 Kentucky UFO sighting

By Jason McClellan

     Amateur astronomer Allen Epling captured photos and video of a strange cigar-shaped UFO in the sky above Pike County, Kentucky in October 2012. And witnesses in multiple states reportedly saw the same, or a similar, aerial object. The sighting garnered widespread media attention. Weeks later, local media reported that the UFO was simply a toy solar balloon.

Many questioned the assertion that this UFO was a mere solar balloon, and people were left wondering about the object’s true identity. But apparently Google’s Rich DeVaul knows what it was. Wired reports, “Sitting in a conference room in Mountain View, California, he beams proudly as he runs a YouTube clip of one of the newscasts. The mysterious craft was his doing. Or, at least, the work of his Google team. The people in Pike County were witnessing a test of Project Loon, a breathtakingly ambitious plan to bring the Internet to a huge swath of as-yet-unconnected humanity—via thousands of solar-powered, high-pressure balloons floating some 60,000 feet above Earth.” . . .

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