Friday, July 26, 2013

Warren UFO Encounter: Thousands Seek out Artifact from 1979 UFO Incident

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Warren UFO Encounter: Thousands Seek out Artifact from 1979 UFO Incident

Thousands seek out artifact from 1979 UFO encounter in Warren

By Ryan Bakken
Forum News Service

     WARREN, Minn. – Back home Wednesday for her 55th class reunion, Janet Anderson visited the Marshall County Historical Society Museum. It’s a routine stop whenever she and her husband, Lyle, return to their hometown from their residence in Sun Valley, Idaho.

The top museum attraction for the Andersons – and many others – is a patrol car from what’s commonly known as the “Warren UFO Encounter” of 1979. . . .

Baffling details

Dennis Brekke, the county sheriff in 1979 and now retired, regaled the Andersons and others about the incident, which involved Deputy Val Johnson, who is believed to now live somewhere in Wisconsin. Johnson appeared on “Good Morning America” soon after the incident, but quickly grew tired of interviews and attention about the episode.

“Val told me that he knew something happened, but he didn’t remember what it was,” Brekke said. “The last thing he remembered was a big light that came all of a sudden.”

County officials wanted the patrol car, a rust-colored 1977 LTD with only 60,000 miles on it, repaired and returned to the fleet. However, Brekke said he convinced them to leave it as it was for public consumption. . . .

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