Monday, July 15, 2013

Center for UFO Studies lives on in Norwood Park

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What's that in the sky? Ask CUFOS

By Christopher Borrelli

     . . . In a quiet residential home in Norwood Park in the northwest corner of Chicago, in a spare, brightly lit basement with a gray concrete floor — picture yourself inside the interrogation chamber of a Danish detective thriller — the Center for UFO Studies awaits your call. And then awaits some more.

CUFOS is among the longest-operating UFO research organizations in the world; it's been studying UFOs for 40 years, partly defining the way that pop culture thinks and talks about aliens. CUFOS was founded in Evanston in 1973 and has been in Norwood Park since 2010, and here's why I found myself there recently, surrounded by boxes marked "Roswell" and metal cabinets with file drawers labeled "Abductees" and old Air Force UFO investigation files ("Shape: mushroom or light bulb") and bookshelves filled with titles such as "Unexplained!" "UFOs in the 1980s," "Wonders in the Sky" and "Invisible Residents":

I saw a UFO.

Last week.

Aliens were not involved, nor were probes, crop circles or LSD. I saw a UFO in the literal sense: It was an object, it was flying, and I could not identify it. . . .

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