Thursday, June 06, 2013

Coronal Hole In Sun May Cause Solar Winds & Auroras, NASA Says | VIDEO

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Coronal Hole

By The Huffington Post

     We're not sure whether to be amazed or alarmed.

A "massive" coronal hole that rotated toward Earth from May 28-31 was one of the largest such holes NASA says it has observed all year.

The amazing part is that NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory was able to capture some spectacular ultraviolet footage of the hole in the sun's corona. (Watch in the video below.)

The potentially alarming part?

Coronal holes (dark, cold areas in the sun's outermost atmospheric layer) are the sources of solar winds -- streams of charged particles that travel at more than 1 million mph and can cause auroras and geomagnetic storms (worldwide disturbances of the Earth's magnetic field) when they reach our planet. . . .

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