Saturday, May 11, 2013

"...The Most Dangerously Ignored Aspect of UFO Behavior... a Purported Ability to Override American Missile Command Systems"

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The Most Dangerously Ignored Aspect of UFO Behavior

The momentum question

By Billy Cox
De Void

Mike Gravel     With the sort of hyperbole that characterized much of his political career, former U.S. Sen. Mike Gravel told ABC/Yahoo News that the testimony of Air Force veterans reporting UFO activity over American nuclear bases was “the smoking gun” of last week’s Citizen Hearing on Disclosure. A smoking gun, of course, requires a bit more documentation than the summary evidence delivered in Washington (although there’s plenty of other data, too detailed for a brief oral presentation). Nevertheless, the 82-year-old former Democratic/Libertarian presidential candidate certainly identified the most dangerously ignored aspect of UFO behavior, i.e., a purported ability to override American missile command systems.

Robert SalasFront and center of the nuke controversy was retired Air Force captain Robert Salas, who for nearly 20 years — against strong cultural currents of indifference and ridicule — has relentlessly attempted to steer the debate into the mainstream. In fact, Salas shared his first-hand account of a 1967 Minuteman missile shutdown at Malmstrom AFB at the exact same National Press Club venue in 2010; yet, as Gravel and five other former Capitol Hill colleagues made clear, last week was the first they’d ever heard of the incidents, which have produced an anecdotal legacy of recurring patterns.

Salas has been a critic of Citizen Hearing organizer Steve Bassett and initially declined an invitation to participate. Yet, the potential for bringing his story to larger audiences proved impossible to resist, and to maximize the impact, Salas convinced two other USAF veterans, former Tech. Sgt. David Scott and Capt. David Schindele to submit their own testimony to the panelists. Salas’ reservations about attending were at least partially borne out, especially after watching disclosure advocate Steven Greer’s documentary “Sirius.”

“That turned out to be a big bust. I’ve got a master’s degree in engineering and I couldn’t understand what Greer and (Dr. Tom) Valone were trying to say about how UFOs needed an inertial shield to make those 90-degree turns,” Salas said. “It sounded like a lot of malarkey.”

From the other part of the mixed bag, however, came the revelation that eyewitnesses to the so-called Bentwaters UFO Incident outside an American NATO base in the UK in 1980 are having to sue the Department of Veterans Affairs for access to their own medical records. Saddled with health issues possibly related to elevated radiation levels detected at the site of that event, former USAF security officers Jim Penniston and John Burroughs claim that not even the efforts of former Arizona Sen. John Kyl could pry those files loose. “I found that amazing,” said Salas. “That’s the first time I ever heard about that sort of thing.”

Ultimately, Salas gave props to Bassett for staging a “well organized” event, his mostly high-caliber witnesses, and the ensuing media coverage that went all the way to the New York Times (pedestrian though its derivative little thing was). And of course there was the rote institutional blowback from veteran pols like Rep. Peter King (R-NY), who as chair of the House Homeland Security Committee had previously ignored not only veterans’ affadavits to draw his attention to the UFO-nuke enigma, but those of a constituent cleric as well. Salas began spearheading that effort two years ago. Last week, when the New York Daily News finally did its job and asked King about Salas’ initiative, the best this member of the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence could offer was: “I have no idea what the guy is talking about. We are always getting crazy stuff in the mail by people whose brain has been taken over by aliens or something.”

Responded Salas from his home in California, “That was insulting. I’m going to try to get him to apologize for that statement.”

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  1. Lets face it if they can shut thgese nukes down then what else can they do? Scary thought ARE THEY RUNNING OUR COUNTRY ALREADY..


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