Saturday, May 04, 2013

Former CIA Official Confirms Roswell Craft and Alien Survivors in 'Deathbed Testimony' | VIDEO

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‘Deathbed Testimony’ About UFOs Given by Former CIA Official

Lee Speigel By Lee Speigel
The Huffington Post

      [The declarations presented are from a] 77-year-old man man, in very bad health, who wanted to take the opportunity to reveal a story of what happened to him while he worked for the CIA under Pres. Dwight Eisenhower in 1958.

Bassett: "In a sense, this video represents the many individuals out there who could not come before a committee like this, who want to talk, but it's difficult. The vast majority of individuals who have interacted with this issue while working for the government, going back to the 40s, took the information that they had to their grave and did not talk if they were told not to talk.

"This gentleman has received numerous threats from his government not to talk, but he wanted this testimony to be presented and we agreed. He has only been interviewed by two researchers who are here today, Linda Moulton Howe and Richard Dolan."

It's a foregone conclusion that the CIA doesn't routinely acknowledge the identities of those who work for the agency, so we can't confirm who this man is...we can only present portions of his testimony, as he spoke with UFO historian Richard Dolan (seen at left in the picture below). "X" -- as we'll call him here -- recounted how he worked for the CIA on a special project involving the Air Force's Project Blue Book study of UFOs (which ran for about 20 years before ending in 1969).

X: "Project Blue Book was partially a fraud. But the cases that we got didn't come from the Pentagon or CIA headquarters. My boss filled me in on Project Blue Book and what they had found so far, as far as greys and aliens and the Roswell incident."

Dolan: "How did you feel when this got dumped on you?"

X: "Well, I was just kind of overwhelmed with all of this. My boss said we were going to be part of the Eisenhower push to find out about these aliens. We went to the Oval Office. President Eisenhower was there, and Nixon."

At this point, X goes on to talk about how Eisenhower was upset when he learned that there was activity going on at a base in Nevada (that would later be renamed as Area 51) that the government allegedly had no jurisdiction over. Eisenhower sent X and his boss to the base to find out what was going on there.

X described what they saw when they arrived.

X: "There were different garage door openings and inside they had different saucer crafts. The first one was the Roswell craft -- it was kind of crashed up, but apparently every alien had died except for a couple. Later on we viewed the autopsy film and then the colonel said, 'What we've got in here is we're interviewing a grey alien.'"

Dolan: "How did you feel at that moment?"

X: "I thought, boy, we had no idea we were gonna see the real thing. All we saw was film. My boss was able to go in and have a partial interview. This one looked a little bit Oriental. It didn't look human as far as the skin tone. It's brain was a little bit bigger, very, very small nose and the ears were just like holes and the mouth was very small."

X and his superior went back to Washington to meet with Eisenhower and Nixon again.

X: "Also, Hoover was there. We told them about the alien and the whole situation and he was just totally shocked. He appeared for the first time to be worried. Eisenhower said, 'We've got to keep this thing completely secret.'"

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  1. I believe this man. Why lie before you die?????/I sure wouldn't want to be in trouble after I die.


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