Saturday, April 06, 2013

UFO Sightings are Flying High

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A glowing red V-shaped object in the sky near Springbrook.

By Andrew Potts

      THE weather may be cooling down but UFO sightings are heating up.

The state's leading UFO hunters have received an influx of reported sightings this year across the Gold Coast and Tweed.

A theme among the sightings includes shape-changing objects moving rapidly through the sky.

The most recent sighting was reported in Murwillumbah at 8pm on March 20 when a man claimed to have seen a glowing red V-shaped object in the sky near Springbrook.

The object allegedly moved quickly and became a blue colour before disappearing.

It came just weeks after a group of teenagers claimed to have seen a similar object above Robina's Lake Orr. It was said to be a ball-shape before becoming a blue rotating cube.

The group claimed their mobile phones ceased to work following the close encounter.

UFO Research Queensland's Sheryl Gottschall said the sightings were unusual.

"They are quite strange and do not match anything from the literature," she said.

"All of the people involved were deeply affected by all this and I have no doubt they have all had major experiences." . . .

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