Wednesday, April 03, 2013

UFO Documentary Reveals “Humanoid of Unknown Classification” | UFO NEWS

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UFO Documentary Reveals “Humanoid of Unknown Classification”

By Alejandro Rojas

      A new documentary on UFOs, extraterrestrials, and advanced clean energy, hopes to provide evidence that the government has figured out how UFOs operate and are hiding advanced technology that can provide clean energy. The film also features the discovery of an alleged humanoid body whose DNA has been sequenced and found to be of an “unknown classification.” Photos of the being were released today with the announcement of the Hollywood premiere of the film scheduled for later this month. It was also announced that the film is narrated by actor Thomas Jane, who is known to have in interest in UFOs.

The new film is titled Sirius, and features the work of Dr. Steven Greer. With a similar goal as the film, Greer brought together a panel of highly credible witnesses who testified in front of representatives from all of the major media outlets at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. in May of 2001. At that time he filmed hours of testimony from hundreds of credible witnesses. His work has been very influential in convincing people that the government knows more than it is sharing, and as he puts it, “Once people understand that classified projects have figured out how UFO’s operate, they will realize we no longer need oil, coal and nuclear power. This is the truth that has driven the secrecy.”


  1. And folks wonder why the UFO "field" is a laughing stock... what abject nonsense.

  2. Mornin' David,

    Thanks for taking time to make comment.

    I would add that with the repetitive self-degradation that now is the norm for this thing we call Ufology, the so-called field is condemned to be (at best) no more then "entertainment" and comedic fodder for talking heads. Moreover, in this current package–mainstream science will never broach the subject . . . why would they?


  3. so called field eh? Two shills chatting each other up.


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