Saturday, April 13, 2013

Michael Shermer Sheds Light on UFOs, Out-of-Body Experiences

Dr. Michael Shermer at The University of Connecticut 4-10-13

By Kim Halpin

      Dr. Michael Shermer came to the Student Union Theatre Wednesday night to shed light on seemingly out-of-this-world experiences.

Publisher of The Skeptic quarterly journal and executive director of the Skeptic Society, Shermer has spent his life dedicated to research on psychology, evolution and history. In his presentation to students and staff he sought to examine topics such as conspiracy theories, out- of-body-experiences and UFO sightings using the theories he has researched.

His magazine delves into a new topic every issue that some people are skeptical about and attempts to debunk it. One issue focused on artificial intelligence. Shermer joked, “We looked into it… we’re five years away – and always will be.”

Other issues that received attention were global warming and conspiracy theories surrounding 9/11 and even the recent tragedy at Sandy Hook. What Shermer is looking for, however, is evidence and the “burden of proof” that falls on the person making a claim so different from everyone else’s beliefs. . . .

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