Saturday, April 27, 2013

Frank Warren Talks UFOs, Aztec, Roswell & Paradise Valley Incidents with Dee Andrew on 'Eye To The Sky' (Redux)

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Frank Warren Talks UFOs with Dee Andrew on Eye To The Sky - Sept. 2009

-part 1-

-part 2-

-part 3-

-part 4-


  1. It shouldn't be too difficult to fathom minute 'beings' the size of 'bugs' when long ago, 'Dwarfs' were thought to be 'the little people' who had a pot of gold that you could catch and take away from them. They were thought to have been from 'another world,' when the truth was that Irish royalty had given birth to such a 'wee person' who was given some gold and sent away so that the people wouldn't think of the King being an ET himself. Poor little guys were hunted down for only their gold they didn't have except for just the one, so the myth began that they were 'Fairies.' So why not bug-like ETs? 3 feet, 7 feet or micro-minute beings isn't hard for me to fathom, and Frank and Ms. Andrew do a fine job in the telling of them. Kudos to them both! Keep the faith everyone: I don't put limitations upon the creative powers of God. No one else should either. Jason Greywolf Leigh

  2. Where can I find that article

    1. Bill,

      There is no article ... it was a radio interview as seen/heard above.



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