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UFO Sightings: 2013 Sees Heightened UFO Activity in South Africa | UFO NEWS

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UFO Sightings - 2013 Sees Heightened UFO Activity in South Africa 3-13-13


      UFO sightings are becoming a commonplace. The year 2013 has seen heightened UFO activity in South Africa and nearby other nations

Someone following you to keep a check on you often, Scary, isn’t it? The people of Cape Town actually have a reason to get scared and that too from aliens. Even more chilling. The founder of a website set up to record such incidents has stated that inhabitants of the Mother City are being observed by life from another planet as they have reported sightings of unidentified flying objects off the coast of Cape Town.

Founder of the UFO Research of South Africa, Gert Jordaan, informed that the action happened more from February 21 to February 27. People often stated that they saw bright orange lights and flames in the sky.

He however stated that these might have been due to meteor showers but there can be an interesting side to it as well.

He stated that meteors radiate an orange glow and some of the sightings reported radical change in direction and speed. He further added that there were bright objects that remained stationary for sometime giving a thought that this might be a UFO activity in areas around Cape Town. He also stated that possibilities are many like a secret aircraft on a sortie or being tested near Cape Town.

Another side to this conversation can be aliens trying to make contact with Earth near Western Cape and trying to send some information across that is to be deciphered. . . .

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