Saturday, March 02, 2013

The Non-Investigation of the Phoenix Lights - My View (Redux) | 16th ANNIVERSARY

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By Mike Fortson
The UFO Chronicles
© 8-30-06 / 2013

Editor's Note: As we do every year in the month of March, we will being paying heed to what has (erroneously) become known as the Phoenix Lights. March 13th will mark its 16th anniversary–FW.

     The late Doc Berry said it best—“The Massive UFO Flyover of Arizona, March 13, 1997”; his title best describes what happened that Thursday evening. Moreover, nine years later, I (we) still look for a return visit from our alien friends. I don’t have a problem saying that feared word “alien” at all. “Nothing of this earth” describes what we saw pass in front of us around 8:30 PM that night. Nothing!

Recalling the event as if it were yesterday, while in the process of closing a window at our then home in Chandler, Arizona I noticed, "three huge, bright white lights angled down and very low to the ground"; after shouting to my wife to come outside we witnessed this “massive V shaped” craft entering our field of vision from the northwest giving us an almost perfect angle for viewing the UFO. This massive black boomerang shaped object was easily determined to be one solid mass as the gray background from all the lights in the surrounding Phoenix metro area allowed this UFO to be visible. It stuck out like a sore thumb!

The reports of our experience have been published on the Internet for over 9 years; I have done over 50 televised shows and been on dozens of radio shows; I have done four documentaries, even one for UFO’s, Fuji TV from Tokyo, Japan, ABC’s Peter Jennings Reporting, Seeing is Believing and the best by far was Out of the Blue, by James Fox.

To date, as I write this, I am still encountering new witnesses and hearing new stories of that wonderful day; so many reports will never make the Internet, television, radio, or ever be told to the general public. This is so distressing! One goal I had when we moved to the high country of northern Arizona was to find new witnesses and meet many of those who were just too concerned for their jobs, worried about ridicule from friends or family or just not knowing who to contact. There are many more who I feel have yet to tell their story. . . .


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