Wednesday, February 27, 2013

1kg Meteorite Piece Found in Russian Urals, Biggest Chunk Yet Discovered

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1kg Meteorite Piece Found in Russian Urals, Biggest Chunk Yet Discovered


     The fallen meteorite has turned into a cash cow in the Urals. Both experts and amateurs are aggressively searching the area for remnants, while entrepreneurs sell dozens of 'meteorite fragments' online, print t-shirts, guide tours and bake cookies.

The biggest officially-confirmed fragment of the meteorite was found on Monday by a local ski expedition.

"It weighs about a kilogram," Viktor Grokhovsky from the Urals University says, "We haven't precisely weighed it yet, since it needs to be conserved first so not to get acidified."

The number of fragments found by authorized meteorite specialists amounts to a few hundred by now. Online 'meteorite' sales, though, suggest there are hundreds more, only with no way of proving that any of them are real.

Grokhovsky believes bunches more are still to be found, including a possible biggest chunk that he says may lie at the bottom of Lake Chebarkul. It could be up to 60cm in diameter, he assures. . . .

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