Friday, January 18, 2013

Yet Another Nuke Missleer Comes Forward with a UFO Experience | UFOs & NUKES

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Yet Another Nuke Missleer Comes Forward with UFO Experience

No, Syd, you’re not alone

By Billy Cox
De Void
     This UFO stuff is like toilet tissue gummed to your boot heel. It’s hard to scrape off and it follows you around when you try to walk away.

A few weeks ago, a stranger named Syd Young called. Nice guy, 69, lives in Idaho, recently retired from a high-end family boat construction business called StanCraft. Late last year, Young’s brother-in-law called his attention to an Internet video he’d never seen or even heard of: Former USAF Capt. Robert Salas was talking about the nuclear-missile shutdown at Malmstrom Air Force Base during a UFO incursion in March 1967. Young’s brother-in-law said something like “Weren’t you stationed there back then?”

Young was, in fact, with a missile maintenance squadron at Malmstrom, same year, a refrigeration specialist charged with keeping the Minutemen weapons from overheating. All these years, and he never heard of the nukes being wrenched off-line; he thought he was alone in what he did see. But what he saw stayed lodged in his head for nearly 46 years. And it sounded so totally nuts he wanted to reach out to Salas and compare notes. “I can’t help but wonder if there wasn’t some connection,” he said.

It was late Friday afternoon, sometime in the spring of 1967, exact date uncertain. He’d just left his shift and was driving back to his off-base home in Lakeside along rural Highway 200. That’s when Young noticed something in the distance, off to the side of his car, that was “so spectacularly weird” he pulled over and parked for a better angle.

It had been a grey day, cloud ceiling of 1,500-2,000 feet. Across the Montana prairie, maybe a mile or two away, loomed a perpendicular whitish light that initially reminded him of grand-opening skytracker lights. “But this was huge, it was monstrous,” Young recalled. “It looked fake, because it had a rounded edge like a cylinder, and I’ll bet this thing was 500, 600 feet wide. It was so strange I didn’t even think of it as a UFO.” Young had the impression this, this, well, whatever, was emanating from the sky as opposed to the ground. In fact, Young said he stared at it for perhaps up to 10 minutes before ducking back into his car and driving off. When he checked the rear-view, it had begun to disappear. Young didn’t meet another soul on the highway, although “the thing was so big, I know somebody had to see it, farmers or ranch kids, somebody.”

He rattles off nearly half a dozen names of USAF colleagues he queried about it the following Monday, but nobody saw squat. You don’t forget something like that, but Young never aired it out again until November, when he began watching Salas, and other USAF veterans, talking about UFOs over U.S. nuke bases.

De Void put Young in touch with Salas, who was likewise perplexed. But considering how Young’s DD-214 military discharge papers reflected his service at the proper location in the right time frame, Salas found him credible. Going for analogies, Salas asked Young to review other cylindrical UFO images from Kentucky, Brazil, and this sequence captured by Mexican media company Televisa, which has a camera fixed on active volcano Popocatepetl:

“The big difference is, what I saw was absolutely static,” Young told De Void. But with Salas, his email was even more emphatic: “I am convinced this is what I was staring at for over five minutes. Thinking back now it [is] understandable why the edges of this cylinder shape were so sharply defined and more importantly there was absolutely no spill-out of light either up where it entered the cloud cover or down at the ground. This simply had to be a solid, white colored cylinder shape standing there in a fixed position…”

So that’s that. Just another military veteran with nothing to gain, propelled by little more than curiosity — well over 100 on record now, according to UFOs and Nukes author Robert Hastings — reporting unfathomable events over America’s WMD sites.

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