Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Japanese Government Official Confirms Partial Recovery Of Crashed UFO | UFO NEWS

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Japanese Navy Destroyer JS Kurama (Edt)

By inothernewz.com

     OKINAWA, JAPAN- A high level Japanese government official with knowledge of the recent UFO crash off the coast of Okinawa agreed to speak with Inothernewz.com regarding the salvage operation under the condition that we do not divulge his name. The source today confirmed the Japanese Navy has partially recovered a large chunk of the foreign vessel.

“I can report with complete accuracy that Navy divers from the destroyer JS Kurama have brought up a substantial piece of the wrecked UFO,” he said. “Both civilian and military engineers took part in recovering the piece. It is now safely aboard the JS Kurama, which is the ship being used by the Japanese Navy for its salvage efforts.”

The source went on to detail how the military and government plan on keeping the UFO’s wreckage a secret from the world’s media.

“The government has a plan to deny everything regarding this UFO,” said the source, who works inside the Japanese Prime Minister’s office. “The world’s mainstream media have not picked up on this story yet and that’s just fine with the government and military officials. . . .

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