Sunday, November 18, 2012

UFO Icon & Long Time Publisher of 'Saucer Smear,' James W. Moseley Has Succumbed To Cancer

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Jim Moseley of Saucer Smear

By Kevin Randle
A Different Perspective

     James W. Moseley, who for decades has poked and prodded the world of UFOs, died Friday in Florida. He was 81.

Moseley is best known as the editor of Saucer Smear, the final evolution of his self-published newsletters that were sent on an irregular schedule to his “non-subscribers.” In its pages he printed his opinions which were sometimes radical and sometimes rational. He welcomed responses, often soliciting them to keep the controversies going.

He was the son of an Army general, whom he seemed to dislike and a self-described grave robber, trading in antiquities from South America. He faked, according to his book, Shockingly Close to the Truth, written with the late Karl Pflock, a UFO landing, and the a letter supposedly from the Department of State to contactee George Adamski. In other words, he often had fun with those in the world of UFOs which might have been his ultimate mission.

In later life he moved from the idea that UFOs might be interstellar craft to an opinion that they were more terrestrially based. But that didn’t stop him from keeping his fingers in the UFO pie.

Moseley lived, for the last many years in Key West, Florida, where he avoided the Internet as much as possible, and enjoyed his position in the world of UFOs. He died on November 16 of cancer.

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