Wednesday, November 28, 2012

New Zealander Films Strange Aerial Phenomena; Multiple Sightings Spark UFO Claims | UFO NEWS | VIDEO

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UFOs Over Rotorua , New Zealand 10-29-12

By Matthew Martin
     Rotorua and the Bay of Plenty have been a hotbed of unusual aerial activity recently, with multiple sightings of strange phenomena in the region's skies. On Monday or Tuesday night on October 29 or 30, at least four people at the Challenge petrol station on Malfroy Rd witnessed five glowing orbs move slowly across the road toward Sunset Rd for about 30 seconds before they disappeared behind some trees. A Challenge petrol station employee, who only wanted to be known as Michelle, said she and at least three others watched the orbs, which appeared about 8pm just before dark. "A customer came in and asked 'can you see that?', we were all wondering what was going on. "They were all perfectly round with a larger orange-coloured orb leading about four smaller orbs all in a line about the same distance apart. They were moving on an angle before they disappeared be hind some trees.'' . . .


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