Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Solar Flare Produces Massive Magnetic Filament

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Magnetic Filament Burst Out From the Sun 8-31-12
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     Sparked by a medium-sized (C-class) flare, a long, magnetic filament burst out from the Sun, producing one of the best shows that SDO has seen (Aug. 31, 2012). Viewed in the 304 Angstrom wavelength of extreme ultraviolet light, the filament strand gets stretched outwards until it finally breaks and heads off to the left. Some of the particles from this eruption did hit Earth with a glancing blow on Sept. 3, generating some beautiful aurora. . . .

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  1. When one sees the size difference between earth and the sun it brings to mind the strange dark spherical object that was videoed at least twice that I saw and it is at least 3hundred times the size of earth by guestimation from looking at this image next to the sun. I heard before of planets 35 times the size of ours and occupied. That planet was a giant ship and I thought it was big till i saw that thing interacting with the sun last month. Is this why it is reported that US military is moving inland away from the coasts. Bodies this big swinging around in our solar system could be catasstrophic gravitationaly. Whatever occurs I tell you that the Golden Age of Man will arise out of it. That much is guaranteed.


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