Thursday, September 06, 2012

Daylight Video Shows UFO Hovering Between Skyscapers Over Boston | UFO NEWS

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UFO Filmed Hovering Over Boston

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  1. Never trust a Youtube video that has it's comments section closed.

  2. Awful lot of this type around and even if they actually ARE flying saucers they unfortunately bear a strong resemble to condensation or rain drops on a window.

    I'm always struck by how in so many UFO videos the cam operators either can't stop making exaggeratedly jerky hand movements or sweeping wildly back and forth across the sky or endlessly magnifying or unmagnifying the image just when you wouldn't want them to.

    But just when you could do with them doing exactly that sort of thing to give you a clue whether the object's in the air on on the window they never do ANY of those things.

  3. "Raindrops keep falling on my head...."

  4. Why do you post this? It's obviously a fake.

  5. Alan & Michael,

    Thanks to both of you for taking time to make comment.

    @Alan: Given our times, and the ease of making computer generated images (CGI) with 3 D software (e.g., ®VUE, ®After Effects etc), along with the ability to a garner a profit via YouTube, Google et al, I'm afraid the majority of so-called UFO videos are the products of creative (or often times, not so creative) minds. In this instance however, (barring investigation) I tend to lean your way. Moreover, the "water-droplet UFO" has appeared before.

    @Michael: Good question–The empirical evidence since the '40's shows that the "high" majority of UFO reports "post investigation" can be attributed to mundane explanations and a very small percentage (after investigation) remain true "unknowns."

    I would argue that today the percentage of UFO reports that end up being defined by conventional means has increased given that we live in the computer/internet age and access to 3D software etc., is prevalent.

    Finally, The UFO Chronicles is in part a reflection of what appears in the mainstream media; in short we don't cherry pic, or cull what we feel are true unknowns; if we did, given the percentages there would be very little content.

    Moreover, as a researcher, it's important to maintain databases of IFOs, CGI etc., in order to discern the true UFOs or unknowns.

    Finally, rather then "make a proclamation" without explanation, it would be helpful to cite the reasons for your argument. I'm not trying to be facetious, as I agree with you; however, someone could easily make a counterargument, that it is indeed a true unknown, and without data to support either theorem there is a stalemate.



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