Thursday, August 09, 2012

What Does the CIA Know and When Did It Know It about Roswell?

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By Larry W. Bryant

Text of Ad By Larry W Bryant as Seen at

     Some months ago, former U. S. astronaut Edgar Mitchell disclosed his "insider knowledge" (as confided in him by one or more confidential
sources) that the so-called "Roswell Incident" of July 1947 constitutes the military retrieval of a crash-landed alien spacecraft. Now, ex-executive from the U. S. Central Intelligence Agency Charles"Chase" Brandon ( has announced his own encounter with this, the Deepest Secret.

According to his recent revelation during the syndicated "Coast-to-Coast AM" radio show hosted by George Noory, Brandon had been inside a vaulted area of the Agency when he noticed a box of records titled "Roswell." His inspection of the contents revealed such detail as photographs and references to cadavers. Thus far, he has been limiting his public account to those details.

If you, or someone you know, possess documented, verifiable evidence corroborating Brandon's discovery, you might qualify for the Roswell Whistleblower Award of $1,000 now being offered by me as a public service in supporting our fellow citizens' stakeholdership in learning the entire contents of that CIA files box. Be assured that your submitted evidence would be shared with one or more pertinent congressional committees empowered to subpoena relevant testimony from such witnesses as Brandon and from other former/current CIA personnel.

No CIA official has the right to lie to the public about any Roswellian truth; such deception invites whistleblower intervention at the highest level of the CIA hierarchy. Now is the time to join Mitchell and Brandon in their historic journey to help set the record straight. You may begin by contacting me at:
Larry W. Bryant,
8415 Orcutt Avenue
Newport News, VA 23605-1415
Phone: 757-251-2310;
See full text of my freedom-of-information (FOIA) request to the Agency as regards the title of this ad below:

TO: Ms. Michele Meeks
FOIA Coordinator
U. S. Central Intelligence Agency
Washington, DC 20505

FROM: Larry W. Bryant
8415 Orcutt Avenue
Newport News, VA 23605-1415

DATE: July 26, 2012
1. Reference: My classified advertisement posted at, the text of which is printed above.

2. This freedom-of-information request seeks a photocopy of all your agency's records comprising the content of the CIA files box, labeled "Roswell," as witnessed by former CIA executive Charles "Chase" Brandon during one of his official visits to a vaulted area of the Agency -- an area that, he says, houses the Agency's "historical intelligence collection." If the sought-for records have been destroyed or transferred to another agency's custody, please send me a photocopy of all CIA records documenting that disposition.

3. Please note that this FOIA request serves not as a generic UFO-info request but as an investigatory probe into the extraterrestrial nature of the retrieved Roswell materiel and into the aftermath of the incident's official analysis, exploitation, and subsequent cover-up.

4. I submit this request as a representative of the news media (principally as a columnist for the newsstand periodical UFO Magazine) -- a requester status that affords me preferential waiver of all records-search/review fees incident to your fulfillment of this request.

5. By USPS mail, I'm sending to you a signed printout of this e-formatted letter.


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