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VIDEO | Unsolved Mysteries: The Phoenix Lights

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The Phoenix Lights (Unsolved Mysteries)

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  1. Anonymous1:55 AM

    It's a little scary but also exiting that these alien cafts often grace our skies with displays of lights like this. They are not trying to hide. Their bright and colourful lights are meant for all to see.
    Why then, go to so much trouble so often with no offer of face to face conversation and what is the thinking behind these strange craft that seem so alien to us? We don't often stop to really concider such questions. We become more preoccupied by hoping the rest of the public will even believe that we saw lights in the sky.

    Yet from sightings and film of alien craft for example, it's clear that the aliens understand the importance of the Whitehouse and also know where we keep our nuclear weapons.
    We need to ask ourselves what this means because in the cases of Rendlesham Forest and Malstrome Nuclear Air Bases ufos, aliens clearly must have left the safty of their ship in order to enter the buildings and shut down the weapons.

    How did they achieve such a feat and escape unseen? Was it done remotely or cloaking divice? do they move in a different time line to us or slip through a dimension? What is their secret and would it be safe once it became human knowledge?

    We play guessing games but don't really know why these strange alien craft are appearing to us this way and these are the question that need urgent attention from governments.
    Yes it is important that governments release their classified data but if we dwell too much on wading through the badly typed pages from way back when, it will mean that more vital questions and investigation are missed. And our minds that once were open will become unwittingly shut. By Jan Burke.

  2. A cheesy TV show? Are you serious?? How does posting this sort of mainstream tripe promote serious investigation? Answer: It doesn't. It merely obfuscates and entertains the drooling masses.

    I'm thinking that pretty much sums up this site too.

  3. The joke continues and it was never funny. The Phoenix Lights? You mean the Phoenix flares, right? For that is all that event comprises of: military planes dropping flares. Not a single soul in Phoenix looked up and saw anything but a clear, star-lit sky. Only the people living on the hills opposite the mountain range were able to see the flares and the videos that show the flares were not taken in Phoenix looking up, they were looking past the mountain range. I wish this Phoenix "lights" crap would end along with Roswell bs.

    Additionally, the triangular craft that was reported and which allegedly was videotaped, the video shows a loose triangle of lights which are obviously jets, obviously military ones. Alien craft my eye!

  4. Blue Sojourn,

    Thanks for taking time to make comment such that it is–ouch!

    That cheesy TV show was responsible for bringing forth dozens of Roswell witnesses who watched the episode. That result was invaluable to Roswell research.

    This particular episode shows rare interviews with Ozma Linderman, and the original investigator Richard Motzer, who was the first to discern that the 10:00 pm videos were in fact flares, not to mention other witnesses who have since fallen through the cracks. Again, these interviews are meritorious to the serious researcher generally, and more so to Phoenix Lights researchers specifically.

    Finally, Unsolved Mysteries producers worked well with researchers, focusing on the research itself, in contrast to the reality based, cockamamie shows of today.


    Thank you as well for your commentary, and you are correct in that the 10:00 pm videos that have been made famous are indeed flares; however, that doesn't negate nor explain the large craft that was witnessed by thousands in the eight o'clock hour.



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