Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Veteran UFO Researcher & Lead Investigator into The Phoenix Lights, Richard Motzer Has Succumbed To Cancer

Remembering Richard Motzer

By Frank Warren
The UFO Chronicles
© 8-29-12
     It is with great sadness that I report the passing of my friend Richard Motzer today. Minutes ago I received an e-mail from his beloved wife Nancy who shared this terrible news.

I sought out Richard several months ago and he agreed to do a series of interviews about his research into the "Phoenix Lights" UFO events specifically, Ufology in general and by default his life overall. During this period we became friends, and when he was diagnosed with cancer a few months back he shared this with me.

His attitude in the face of this terrible revelation was inspiring; he took it on the chin and chose to move forward with a very positive attitude. His stance moved me greatly and I complimented him on his courage and dignity.

Richard Motzer will forever be tied to the Phoenix Lights UFO event of March 13th, 1997 as he was the original, lead investigator of the case for MUFON, and was the first to discern that "the infamous 10:00 videos were of flares" and not of the massive UFO(s) that was witnessed by thousands in the eight o'clock hour.

As the investigation progressed there was a lot of animosity felt by folks with opposing views; Richard was criticized for his findings and many felt he was crass and often times belligerent.

The man I came to know was kind, considerate, ethical and intelligent; he was strong-willed, spoke his mind and wasn't afraid to give as good as he got. Moreover, I came to admire his work as a diligent researcher, and to follow the evidence no matter where it lead, even if it wasn't popular amongst his peers.

Richard, your memory will live on not only as a loving husband, father and friend, but also as a valued asset and truthseeker into the conundrum of Ufology.

Rest in peace . . ..

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