Friday, August 03, 2012

The UFO Chasers Next Door

Mooresville Couple's Book About the 'Aztec Incident' is the Culmination of 25 Years of Research and Healthy Skepticism

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Scott & Suzanne Ramsey
Suzanne and Scott Ramsey met over the Aztec Incident,
and now they’ve written a book about the alleged UFO crash of 1947.

By Lauren Odomirok


     . . . The Ramseys don't appear to fit the mold of UFO conspiracy theorists. So much are they just the couple next door that neighbors, friends and acquaintances have had no idea that they actively pursue this research. The only visible signs connecting them to the mystery at Aztec are their striking, turquoise wedding bands made on a Native American reservation near the alleged crash site.

Outwardly, they appear to be ambitious entrepreneurs. Suzanne once had her own radio show on KENN in Farmington, N.M. She currently owns Uncle Scott's Root Beer, an all-natural, organic herb and spice micro-brew that can be found in shops and restaurants throughout the Southeast. Scott works in the magnetic wire industry, a product that creates a magnetic field for electric motors, generators, transformers, CAT scan machines, MRIs, trains and more.

It was during a business trip more than two decades ago that the Aztec Incident first captured Scott's attention. His flight from New Mexico to North Carolina had been canceled, so he looked up a customer who was in Farmington, just 27 miles from the Aztec site.

"What intrigued me was the Navajo Indians (who worked for the customer) talking about going mule deer hunting out by the old crash site," recalls Scott. "When they said 'flying saucer,' I thought they were talking about Roswell, and how could they be talking about Roswell when we're eight hours away?"

He began to research the Aztec Incident, his work leading to an interview on Suzanne's radio show, and the pair's first encounter. She writes in the introduction to their book, "Scott always stood out in my mind as a unique radio guest in that he was very focused on documenting every statement he made. Truth was all-important to him."

The couple soon bonded over their shared love for acquiring knowledge, so deep that Suzanne says that they have only gone two days in the course of their nine-year marriage — during their honeymoon in Puerto Rico — without discussing the Aztec Incident. "We're committed to it, or should be committed, one or the other," Suzanne jokes. . . .

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