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Son(s) of Socorro (UFO Incident)

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Socorro UFO

By Rich Reynolds
© The UFO Iconoclast(s)

     Although some think the April 1964 Socorro UFO sighting was a hoax or a misidentified lunar test probe, other sightings of an almost identical nature seem to show that Lonnie Zamora’s observation was of something truly alien.

We’ve noted here, several times, the La Madeira sighting of April 26, 1964, a few days after Lonnie Zamora’s iconic encounter.

Then there is the July 1st 1965 Valensole, France sighting which is virtually identical to the Zamora/Socorro sighting.

Depictions of that sighting:

And here are three web-links which you might peruse to see the similarities:
Valensole UFO incident

Valensole, France Landing, (Masse), 1965

Valensole, France Landing (Maurice Masse Case)
What does this imply?

That police officer Lonnie Zamora saw something that had the patina of an extraterrestrial presence, a presence that appeared in La Madera, New Mexico a few days later, and also a year later in France.

But then what happened? The cover-all garbed duo seen by Monsieur Masse in Valensole and Lonnie Zamora in Socorro seem to have disappeared from the UFO landscape.

Yes, there are other sightings and encounters somewhat similar after 1964-1965, but those sightings don’t have the vibrancy or equal template of the Socorro/Valensole encounters.

Why not? Where did the two UFO beings and their egg-shaped craft go?

We have tried not to discount Lonnie Zamora’s testimony although there are elements that could use clarification; e.g. the insignia he saw and drew and what exactly did he miss when he lost his glasses as his UFO departed?

But with the La Madera and Valensole sightings, corroboration is provided.

And while proof of an extraterrestrial visitation is not forthcoming, and the sightings lack definitive resolution, the three sightings noted indicate that something bizarre and alien took place – something that provides grist for the UFO ET crowd.

N.B. Why wasn’t Officer Zamora zapped by a paralyzing ray as Monsieur Masse was? David Rudiak would show that Officer Zamora was too far away from the craft; he (Zamora) didn’t present a threatening demeanor.

Also, the UFO “beings” seem to have become more brazen in the year between the Zamora sighting and the Masse encounter. Because they had become inured to human intervention?


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