Tuesday, August 07, 2012

MARS: "News [of Life] Would Trigger a Revolution in Human Perspectives Not Seen Since Copernicus"

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Rock Outcropping Dubbed El Capitan From Mars Rover, Opportunity

Prepare for what Mars rover Curiosity and other 'big science' may reveal

By www.csmonitor.com

The rover Curiosity could soon beam back evidence of past (or current) life on Mars. Like other recent news in basic science, humans must know how to absorb such challenges to understanding.

     Are humans ready to grasp what scientists may soon throw at them?

Take, for example, the mission of Curiosity, the aptly named rover that just made a spectacular landing on Mars.

Its unique purpose is to search for carbon, amino acids, and other building blocks of life – at least as life is known on this planet. Within weeks its three chemistry labs could possibly beam back the first evidence of extraterrestrial life – either as it may have existed in the past or as it currently survives under the Mars surface.

Such news would trigger a revolution in human perspectives not seen since Copernicus announced that Earth was not the center of the universe.

. . . Perhaps after so many discoveries in recent centuries, humans are ready to absorb the news from Curiosity that Mars has sustained life . . ..


  1. - The question is did NASA hide knowledge of moon water when the Chinese found it easily - I wouldn't think I could trust what they say, Oh, and tell me why we haven't gone back to the moon since the early 70's- and then there is the $2.3 Trillion announced missing on Sept 10th 2001 - The self mutilation of the 11th destroyed all records - The English have been on the ball exposing a Space Command roster on Navy computers and photos of orbiting mystery craft How could the US ever resist posting weapons platforms in Space and covering it up

  2. Perhaps the rationale for the lack of "manned" missions back to the moon circulated around the cost factor? The US was experiencing a recession in the late 1970s and cumbered with debt that had accumulated during the Vietnam war.

    The same could be held concerning future manned missions to Mars...we have the capability engineering wise...but it takes money regardless in what currency is used.

    "self mutilation of the llth destroyed all records" Sources please?...and from a respectable source other than "Truther" sites.

    Going back to the article posted, I personally find it intriguing that we may have the best opportunity to date to find evidence of current/past life forms on this planet. That's what is important and news worthy regardless of Chinese finding of water sources on the moon, or the UK "being on the ball" so-called exposing Space Command's orbiting fictitious weapons platforms around the earth/moon. (sources on this allegation would also be appreciated)


    Tim H.


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