Friday, August 10, 2012

Declassified CIA Docs "Proves . . . Intense Interest in UFO Sightings in Other Parts of The World . . ."

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Sightings of UFOs Over Spain & Africa

1952 UFO Sightings Over Spain and Africa

By Ryan Dube

     One interesting document, buried within the pile of documents released under the CIA’s 25 year program, is a fascinating 1952 report about UFO sightings over Spain and Africa during July through October of that year.

The report was drawn from information found in several newspapers throughout Spain and West Africa. It describes how a rash of UFO sightings started on July 14th, when multiple sightings of flying saucers took place over the Ifrane region of Africa, with most of the saucers flying toward Meknes.

The most significant recorded event first occurred on July 16th, 1952, when a group of people saw a large, glowing disk bouncing through the air in a horizontal line, followed by a flash of light and the appearance of a second disk. The sighting took place at around 9 PM at night.

The eight-page report details all of the documented sightings from July through October of 1952. It also proves that at the time, the CIA had an intense interest in UFO sightings in other parts of the world at the time, and went through the trouble of accumulating information about those sightings in other countries. . . .

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