Sunday, July 22, 2012

VIDEO | Outrageous Propaganda Film Shows Servicemen Being Exposed To Airborne Nuclear Blast

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Outrageous Propaganda Film Shows Servicemen Being Exposed To Airborne Nuclear Blast

George Yoshitake, Nuclear Test Photographer, Recalls Filming Nuclear Blast 55 Years Ago (VIDEO)

By Timothy Stenovec
The Huffington Post

     On July 19, 1957 -- 55 years ago on Thursday -- five men volunteered to be filmed while a nuclear weapon was detonated above their heads in the Nevada sky.

One man who didn't volunteer, but was there nevertheless, was George Yoshitake, a Department of Defense (DOD) photographer who filmed the event.

"I thought it was just another job to do," Yoshitake, 83, who at the time was a civilian employee of DOD's Lookout Mountain Laboratory, recalled this week in an interview with The Huffington Post.

Yoshitake had filmed other nuclear tests in the Pacific, but always from a distance, he said. So when he found out about this assignment the night before the test, which CBS News reports was the only test of its kind ever conducted, he asked what protective gear he'd be given.

"They said 'none,'" he recalled. "I had a baseball hat and I put that on just in case." . . .

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  1. What ever happened to the aircraft pilots/personnel? The EMP blast must have fried their plane's circuits and wouldn't they have been subject to more radiation than the people on the ground? What happened to them?


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